Please note that these filters are at least two years old, and that nothing on this page is maintained any longer.
This is a list of my MCEdit filters. Please note that I block adfly links; I do not allow people to profit directly off of my filters. Use these filters however you want, but please give credit if you modify or use pieces of one somewhere else. There are otherwise no restrictions on the usage of these filters. I can be contacted on Twitter. I also showcase some of these filters on my YouTube Channel

MCEdit - The Minecraft Editor
Other MCEdit filter authors:

Command Block Filters:

All-Purpose Filters:

Specialty Filters:

Block Editing Filters:

Crap made for TrazLander or Moesh:

Mob Spawner Filters:

Junk Drawer: (miscellaneous junk filters. Often half-completed or obsolete filters made for fixing various things Mojang broke)