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Please note that this page is updated infrequently. Updates are more likely to appear on Twitter, and less likely on my YouTube channel. I do not keep a versioning system, so be sure to periodically check the video page of a filter for updates and to redownload the filters to get the latest version.

If you see text after clicking a filter link, you will need to right-click the link and use the "Save Target/Link As..." option.

Map It!

This is Map It!, a filter that will take an image file and convert it into map items that are mounted in item frames. The supported image formats are: JPG, PNG, GIF (non-animated), BMP, PCX, TGA (uncompressed), TIF, LBM, PBM, PGM, PPM, and XPM. It may make MCEdit unresponsive while it is processing large image files; it does not crash MCEdit. For fastest results, reduce the number of unique colors in your image (one way to do this is to save to .gif).
Command Block Filters
Filters that help map authors create and manipulate command blocks:
  • To Block Command assists in creating clone, testforblocks, fill, setblock, and testforblock commands. This filter supersedes many of the ones listed below.
  • Absolute to Relative will convert coordinates back and forth between absolute and relative for summon, setblock, testforblock, blockdata, fill, and clone commands, allowing command blocks to be moved around easily. Also supports moving coordinates by an offset.
  • To Summon Command will convert every entity inside of the selection into a summon command inside of a schematic filled with command blocks.
  • TileEntity to Command will convert TileEntities like spawners, chests, and furnaces into summon or setblock commands.
  • Chest Contents to Command will convert a single item in a chest into a give or summon command, or multiple items into a stacked summon command. It will also create Clear, Testfor, and Scoreboard Players commands.
  • Command Block to Minecart Command Block will convert Command Blocks into Minecart Command Blocks, and vice versa.
NBT Editor Filter
Windows | MacOS X and Linux

This NBT Editor filter allows the direct editing of selected Entities, TileEntities, and TileTicks from within MCEdit. It also allows editing a world's level.dat file, and any NBT-formatted data file (scoreboard.dat, schematics, etc.)
PLEASE NOTE: The multiplatform version of this filter requires Python 2.7.x to be installed on the system, along with Tk/tcl libraries (python-tk in Ubuntu). Macs meet this requirement.
Edit Command Block Filter

This filter allows one to create or modify Command Blocks; it has a section character substitution system that allows map authors to format and color the text of the command block in any way they see fit. It can also set the name and do simple and regex string replaces on the name and command text.
Dump Command Blocks Filter

A filter designed for large projects, this filter will take a selection of command blocks and dump their contents into a formatted text file. It can later re-import these text files after modification, replacing or adding new command blocks in the process.
To Clone Command

This filter is obsolete; please use the To Block Command filter listed above
This filter assists map makers with creating clone commands. It will first take a source selection, and then will take a destination selection and create a schematic with the newly-created command blocks. These command blocks contain the necessary clone command for copying the source region to the destination.
Unified Spawner Filter

This "unified" Mob Spawner filter allows its wielder to create any of the possible spawner types using one tool. It also supports loading a spawner from schematics and has numerous fill options and entity settings, and also supports multiple entities per spawner.
Complete Mob Equipment Filter

Sister filter to the Unified Spawner Filter; it allows you to apply equipment to mobs by item ID and equipment slot. It is also capable of naming and enchanting equipped items, setting their drop rates, repair costs, applying Player skulls, and much more.
RSmalec's Chest Filter This filter can add items to any of the container block types (chests, droppers, hoppers, dispensers, etc.) and set different attributes, such as enchantments, potions, names, and lores.
Jigarbov's Block Filter is a Worldedit style block filter with multiple block types and percentage range options. It features a block exclusion or inclusion list for replacement operations.
TrazLander's Redstone-Activated Spawner Filter

A special request from TrazLander, this filter allows map makers to create Redstone-activated spawners easily using a set of signs. These spawners can spawn ordinary blocks, TileEntities, or Entities, depending on what is beneath their source sign. It is now capable of creating command blocks, too.
Apply Block Lighting Filter

This filter applies lighting based on block type. It helps correct the default values used by MCEdit, while also allowing map authors to apply custom values.
AMLP's Secret Block Filter

This is my version of a "36ifier" filter that replaces a region with block 36 and phantom Piston tile entities. Together, these can be used to make blocks appear out of "thin" air.
Lighting Bug Filter

This filter allows you to set the Heightmap in your worlds, which causes lighting bugs. Doing this allows Beacons, villager breeding, and water freezing to work completely underground.
De-36ify Filter for undoing changes made with the above filter. It is designed to work either saving undos (by selecting a region and using 0's for the X, Y, and Z), or not saving undos (select one block at a corner outside and use positive/negative X, Y, and Z values for the region to undo; you must save the map to see changes done outside of the selection). It was primarily designed for not saving undos, as undoing a 36ifier operation is extremely taxing on MCEdit and may make it crash if it attempts to record an undo first.
TileTick Filter

Allows map authors to create custom TileTicks, which can cause block updates in intricate patterns. This filter has very nearly identical options to the AMLP Secret Block filter.
Ani's Invulnerability Filter

Sets the "Invulnerable" flag on any entity within the selection, making it completely invulnerable.
SirVladimyr's Locksmith Filter

Used for creating lock hoppers.
Tomutwit's Giant Maker Filter

This filter changes the "id" tag of any mobs within its selection to "Giant," effectively turning any mob into a Giant and alternatively applying Persistence if configured. It does not touch any other mob tags.
Pinata Filter

Quickly deliver a chest's-worth of items to a location, and accompany it with a fireworks explosion effect. This filter takes a chest and converts it into two to three command blocks that will dump the chest's contents over a location.
Spawner Range Filter. This was originally a stop-gap filter for setting Spawn Range, Player Detection Range, or Max Entities until I implemented these features in the Unified Spawner Filter. This filter is still useful if you need to set one of those properties separately.
Redstone Lighting Filter. This filter attempts to place glowstone next to any repeaters, torches, or comparators. It only writes to air blocks and shouldn't cut redstone, but is not piston-safe.
Spawning Position Mover. Moves the spawning location of a spawner relative to its current spawning location. It is designed mostly for moving the spawn location of FRAMINATION or StatueMaker spawners.
FallingSand Spawner Fixer for Minecraft 1.4.6. Fixes FallingSand (that is, StatueMaker) spawners broken in 1.4.6+ versions of Minecraft.
Nirgalese Beacon Filter Apply any effect to beacons; though the option to configure the level exists, it does not work; you must add a pyramid of precious blocks under the beacon.
Head Filter for creating head blocks and player head blocks; though it has options for applying both to entities or spawners, it will not work properly with newer spawners. Use the Complete Mob Equipment Filter instead for spawners.
Jigarbov's Command Block Filter This filter is designed to update and set location directives used for player searches inside of Command Blocks. It does not attempt to correct teleport coordinates.
Hunter_K13's Passive Mob Filter. This filter will set the Follow range of a mob to 0, preventing the mob from being able to follow players, and can optionally apply weakness to the mob.
JTigerfot's Persistence Filter created at special request from some dude named JTigerfot; it makes any mob persistent.
Snapatya's Block Rotator This filter can set the direction that faced blocks point, such as Furnaces, Pistons, Chests, Dispensers, etc.

Short video detailing how to install MCEdit and filters in Windows

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